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The Three Sins of Selling Houses on the Far South Coast

Selling a home on the Far South coast can be a demanding procedure. There are sins that must be avoided when selling property on the Far South Coast, and awareness of these will assist the sale of your home.

Sin 1: Incorrect Price- The most challenging aspect of selling your home on the Far South coast is pricing it correctly. Many sellers make the mistake of placing too much value on their emotional attachment to the property. Listen to your real estate agent on the Far South Coast, look at other similar Far South Coast properties that have recently sold, and remember that your memories mean nothing to the buyer.
Sin 2: Rushed Photography- The buyers that will potentially purchase your Far South Coast property will not necessarily physically inspect it initially. They may live in a different state, and are unable to visit all the properties on the Far South Coast that they like. Instead they will use the internet and several websites to make a list of the properties that they are interested in. If your home is not photographed professionally, it won’t grab their attention.
Sin 3: Inadequate Presentation- As a property seller, you should fix that crack on the lounge room wall, and attain that building inspection! Repairs, maintenance and required inspection reports will ensure your Far South Coast property sells easily and quickly. The benefits of a quick and successful negotiation outweigh the monetary costs of repairs and maintenance.