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The truth about the things your real estate agents says

Real Estate Truths
The decision to sell your home can be prompted by many reasons. Sometimes the decision can be deeply emotive and has only been reached after a long period of reflection. Having made the decision to sell, property owners want to be provided with accurate information that will assist them to choose the real estate company or salesperson that provides the best fit for them. All too regularly the prospective owners feel bombarded with advice and jargon that they really aren’t sure they can trust. To assist owners considering selling I have prepared a list of common statements used when salespeople are trying to list a house and provided you with my definition.
YOUR AGENT SAYS                                                           YOUR AGENT MEANS
Let’s auction it                                                                      Let’s get a quick commission at any price
Let’s have open inspection                                              Let’s find some neighbours’ selling
Let’s open list it                                                                     Let’s sell at any price
The market is bad                                                                 I haven’t sold much and I need the commission at any price
I work from home and pass the savings on                I failed in mainstream selling
Don’t list with them because…..                                      I know you’ll get a better result because they have
the buyers

As Principal of Fisk & Nagle First Choice Real Estate Don Peterson guarantees sellers this:
‘If we don’t get you our quoted price you will pay nothing to sell your house.’
For further information on selling your property please contact your local Fisk & Nagle office in
Merimbula, Bega, Tura Beach & Eden.