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The Number One Rule for Preparing Your Home For Sale

So you have decided to sell your home You need to prepare it for inspections and to do this you must get into the mindset of your potential purchasers.  When potential buyers inspect your property they will be looking at the space and how they can use it.  The first step in creating a spacious feel is to de clutter, this will immediately open up space in each room of your house or apartment.

It may appear to be an overwhelming task at first, but you can break it down into steps that will make it manageable.  Firstly work out what you have lying about your place and categorise it:

Essential Things: Whatever you need and use regularly. Keepers.

Favorites: Favourite pieces of art, ornaments and mementos. Makes a house a home.

Belongs elsewhere: Items borrowed (rented videos, library books, other people’s things), Anything you don’t want anymore.

Annoying:  Dirty laundry, junk mail, old magazines and newspapers.  This looks ugly!

Disgusting: Mouldy food, junk food wrappers, smelly things. Got to go!

Now take the following steps to rid your home of clutter:

Ditch the disgusting stuff. This is the easiest and most obvious place to start. Wash, dump, compost – just get it out of the way.

Deal with the annoying stuff. Recycle magazines and junk mail, collect and wash the laundry, file, box, and store the things you think you might need, but get all of it out of sight. Remember to hide or neaten up cables and put all those remote controls in a drawer.

Donate. Give borrowed items back to their owners. Donate unwanted stuff to a local charity. Get rid of anything you don’t need or want. Very cathartic!

Display. Your favorite things deserve to be displayed. Don’t overdo it, but choose the pieces that add charm and enhance the home.

Devise. Your essential things need to be accessed easily, so devise good storage systems like a hook for keys, a basket for bills, a hamper for dirty laundry.

Above all, keep the kitchen clean and clutter free – put appliances in cupboards and ensure no dirty dishes are on the sink. On inspection day add a vase of fresh, fragrant flowers to add a nice touch and aroma.