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Residential Homes Selling Well in Merimbula and Tura Beach

Real Estate Sales in the Merimbula and Tura Beach area of the far south coast of NSW are quite active at present, particularly in residential housing.  David Dwyer, Property Sales Representative  at Fisk & Nagle First Choice Real Estate reported that the price range is creeping up with the majority of homes selling in the price bracket up to $500,000 and with a few selling at over $600,000.  He advises potential vendors that winter is a good time to sell property as there is more competition on the market in spring.  “Many vendors think that spring is the best time to sell property and hold off putting their house on the market, but in reality there are still the same number of buyers looking to purchase a home in winter.  If you list your home for sale now, with less competition, you will find it easier to sell and more likely to achieve your selling price” .

David noted many purchasers of residential homes are from outside the area, Canberra being a big growth area for real estate sales in Merimbula and Tura Beach and many purchasers are looking to buy a three bedroom, two bathroom home.  Vendors note that property buyers from outside the area will search the internet for potential properties for purchase and Fisk & Nagle have a strong online presence, appearing near the top of  the first page for most searches for real estate in Merimbula, Tura Beach, Eden, Bega and Cooma.

David’s advice for selling your home is to present the property well.  A property that is presented as a tidy, neat, clean home is more likely to sell quicker and for the price the vendor is seeking.  It is important to de-clutter the home, clean up the garden, mow the lawns, get windows cleaned and keep the house clean and well maintained for inspections.  Call 1800 367 7253 to talk to David about listing your property.