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Preparing Your House For Sale #1- Step Outside

The garden is one place you can have fun with colour but rather than introduce lots of different colours into a small garden bed, try sticking to one shade, perhaps using varying tones. You can add instant colour with pots of whatever is in flower from the nursery.

Just like inside your house, your garden should be neat, tidy and clear of clutter. Weed your garden and keep the lawn trimmed when opening you home for inspection. Consider your plants – remove dead plants and replace with new specimens, but make sure they suit the conditions in your garden: you don’t want them to die before you sell.

You can give your garden a simple makeover before you sell by adding defining borders to your flower beds and adding a focal point. Timber borders are popular, or your can outline your beds with small shrubs or grasses. Add a few larger plants as focal points but keep them in proportion to the size of your garden.

The Selling Season is Here!

With the arrival of Spring the real estate market on the Far South Coast is set to blossom in a big way. Spring is traditionally referred to as ‘the Selling Season’, and this is with good reason.

The arrival of warmer weather heralds a marked increase in the number of buyers looking for that special property to enable them to move into their new home before Christmas and in plenty of time for the start of the new school year.

Gardens are looking their absolute best and sellers are able to present their properties well so that the first impression a potential buyer gets is a very favourable one.

A good idea is to try to judge your own home by seeing it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Try hard to pick faults. It is better for you to find them and fix them rather than have a buyer reject your property or offer you less because of them.

There are also lots of little things you can do inside your home to give it extra appeal. A few minor touch-ups can make the difference of thousands of dollars in your final selling price.

If you are considering taking advantage of the Spring Real Estate season, the first thing you need to do is find out what your property is worth in the current market.

Fisk & Nagle First Choice Real Estate offers free market appraisals to all homeowners, without risk or obligation.