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Properties For Rent in Merimbula

Inspecting Rental Properties

Selecting a rental property to live in is a personal decision. But there are some general features to look for, whether you’re renting in Eden, Bega, Cooma or Merimbula.

• Security features are an important starting point. Deadlocks, locks on windows and alarms will all help to keep your personal effects safe and secure. They will also affect insurance premiums.
• Designated spaces for fridges and washing machines should be measured. The last thing you want is to have all your furniture moved and to realise that some items do no fit through doors or into the areas you want them to.
• If you are renting a unit in Merimbula, for example, the owner of the unit normally maintains gardens. If you are in a house, however, make sure the amount of maintenance you need to perform isn’t too extensive.
• The heating and cooling of a rental property is extremely important. If you are looking at Cooma rental properties, make sure the heating and cooling systems work effectively. In Bega rental properties, this is also important. You want to live comfortably, and if the rental property lacks in either heating or cooling, those winter months will not be pleasant.

Fisk and Nagle Real Estate Tips- Pets in Rentals

Finding a rental property in Eden, Bega or Merimbula that allows pets can be difficult. Many landlords in the area are skeptical when it comes to letting pets in their rental properties. Here are some tips to help you find a pet-friendly property.

1. Before getting your hopes up and wasting everyone’s time (including your own), ask the real estate if pets are allowed in the rental property.
2. Talk to the property manager. They often know the landlord personally, and whether or not they may allow certain pets (like birds, or small dogs).
3. Don’t look at units or townhouses. They are managed differently and will not allow pets to live on the premises.
4. Include a few extra items in your application to ease the landlords mind. These can include a photo, a pet-bond and any written references from past landlords in regards to your pet.