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Investment Properties in Cooma

Buying Your First Investment Property

Whether you are thinking of buying an investment property in Cooma, Tura Beach, Merimbula or Bega, remember these tips:

Growth of Capital- This is at the top because it is the most important. The property you buy in Cooma or Bega, must have the potential to double in value over ten years. You won’t own it forever, and it doesn’t make sense to. Invest your money to make more money.
Location of Property- It doesn’t matter if your buying a unit in Merimbula or a house in Tura Beach, the location must be good. Make sure the investment property is close to schools, shops and entertainment. This way you may be able to charge a higher rental fee, and it will be worth more money when you sell it.
Classical Architecture- Towns like Bega and Cooma have significant architectural styles. If you can purchase an investment property in Bega, in a street with consistent classical design, the investment property will be worth more down the track.
Attractiveness to Renters- Your choice of investment property will ultimately determine the demographic of the tenant. Keep that in mind when purchasing units instead of houses.