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Design Tips

Improve the Look of Your Property Whether Purchasing or Selling

You have just purchased your new home or apartment and want to add your personality and style to your new purchase and make it yours or you are upgrading your property ready for sale, consider these design tips to help you achieve your desired look.

Bathroom – the smallest but most essential room of the house; make the most of this room by budgeting for quality materials and fittings.  Tiles, marble and stone are great options giving a modern appearance and with the large selection available you can get the exact look you want. Always select sturdy materials like ceramic and stone for fittings like basins. Good ventilation and lighting make all the difference, ensure you include these elements in your design.

Workspaces – a classic piece of furniture, a beautifully designed yet practical desk can make a statement and talking point.  Wooden desks look better as they age and glass and metal desks are on trend.  Another classic decorating tool, the floor to ceiling bookcase makes a showpiece on an otherwise empty wall. Solid timber is best as it withstands the weight of books, without warping and bending (as happens with cheaper designs). Favourite objects, ornaments and photos add interest to your book collection.

One visual star – a basic rule of decorating is one room, one visual star. So, for example if you use wallpaper and that is identified as the star all other items within that space should be complementary to the wallpaper and the colours you introduce must be ones from the wallpaper but softer in tone so they don’t clash. Likewise a piece of furniture may be the star or a painting. Identify your star and design the other elements of the room around it.

Accessories – Accessories and lots of them is the current trend. A new rug, cushions, a new pot, a lamp, mirrors, vases, bowls and tealights working together in a coordinated design plan can make a huge difference to a space with minimal effort.

Colour trends – there is a shift away from the beiges with grey being the neutral colour trend.  Black and white themes are currently popular and there is a move towards the use of bold colour in wallpaper, furnishings, cushions and rugs.