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D.I.Y. renovations

Five Step D.I.Y. Renovation Success For Real Estate Sale

Planning on selling your property and want to update it or have you just purchased your new home and now you want to remodel it to suit your tastes and needs?  If you want to go D.I.Y. the most important thing you can do is plan!  It is so easy to rush in and begin renovating with all the enthusiasm in the world but you’ll soon burn out or run out of money if you don’t step back, take your time and plan properly before you even pick up a paint brush or drill.

1.    Ask Yourself Can I Do It?

Can you really do the job, ask yourself honestly’ Can I do this?’ Look at the overall project and your skill set, do they match? Think about all the aspects of the project, what may go wrong and what skills you have to overcome any problems. You may opt to employ a tradesperson for some parts of the project, whilst you complete the easier tasks, such as painting.

2.    Set A Realistic Budget
When working out your budget take into account that some things may cost more than you expected and you may encounter extra work that needs to be done.  Be generous when assessing costs and add at least 20% buffer to your budget so you don’t run out of money before the renovation is complete. The more you research costs, the more realistic your budget will be.
3.    Design Freeze

Decide upon the project, exactly what you want to do – repaint the kitchen, replace the bench tops, install a dishwasher and new stove.  Don’t decide halfway into the project to expand on the original plan by adding new windows, blinds, flooring and walk in pantry. Your budget and timeline will be completely blown!  Freeze your design plans before you begin and stick with it.

4.    Have the Right Tools
This may be challenging as you probably do not own the tools that will make the work efficient and safe. You may need to hire or borrow the right tools for the job and you may not have the experience to use them safely. Make sure you get help to use the tools safely and correctly.

5.    Friendly Timeline
You may be feeling full of energy and want to ‘get the job done’ but remember if you are working or have other commitments you may have difficulty achieving a tight timeline. Most projects will take longer to complete than you first thought and you may not want to spend 3 or 4 hours at night doing renos after working 8 or 9 hours all day.

With good planning and a realistic attitude your renovation will bring rewards and give you satisfaction. If you are selling your property the remodel should help get you a quicker sale and good price.  Good luck!