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Creating space

Two Tips to Make An Existing Bega Lounge Room More Appealing Without Spending

Many landlords and home sellers want to increase the appeal of their property to prospective tenants and buyers; but let’s face it, why spend more money than you have to? Bega’s economic climate at the moment is enough to stress out even the most financially savvy person, so it is fair to say that the idea of shelling out big bucks after already committing to the purchase of a house is something we can do without. A Lounge Room is a place to unwind after work, an escape where you can relax and catch up with loved ones, keeping this in mind when trying to increase the appeal of your property is crucial.
With this in mind, I have a few basic tips that will help increase the appeal of your property’s Lounge Room. These tips can even be used by tenants who want to create a more pleasant environment in their home, or prepare for an inspection:
1). De-Clutter: We’ve all seen those home improvement shows where the hosts add those ugly miscellaneous space fillers, which is fine if you want to live there, but it is hard to cater for the taste of others. If you are trying to sell your home, try having a few centre-pieces or statement pieces but try not to overdo it.
2). Chuck it Out: The general rule my mother taught me was; if you haven’t used/worn it in the last 6-12 months, throw it out. Throwing away things you do not need or use any more can go a long way to free up the area, creating the illusion of more space. (If it is something that is still in a good condition, the local Op-shop will appreciate the donation, and it will feel good that you are doing something nice for the less fortunate.)
Hope this helps.
“Happiness is home”- Dennis Lehane