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adding value to Sapphire Coast Houses

Adding Value to Your Home on the Sapphire Coast

Let’s face it: selling a house on the Sapphire Coast can be difficult. Buyers know what they want, and many properties have similar features and attractions. Great views, peaceful settings, quiet neighborhoods and close to the beach. You can add value to your property yourself both easily and inexpensively, and gain that extra attention your looking for.

Space- When someone buys a property on the Sapphire Coast they are purchasing the space inside it. If you can make more space inside a house, it will be worth more to an interested buyer. This may involve knocking down some walls, but the results will astound you.

The Great Outdoors- The Sapphire Coast’s scenery and climate is ideal. Many buyers are from the city, and are searching for a private, natural hideaway. The easiest way to appeal to these buyers is to upgrade and maintain your outdoor areas. Multifunctional outdoor spaces are the key. Include seats, garden beds, and open grassy areas if possible.

Lighten Up- Lighting in a house will help make it feel bigger and more inviting. By improving the natural lighting, swapping curtains for blinds and updating light fittings, value can be easily and quickly added to a house on the Sapphire Coast.

These tips are simple to implement and can be done yourself. Remember you are selling your house in one of Australia’s most untouched and naturally beautiful areas, use that to your advantage!