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Property Investment

Are you looking to invest in property in the Bega Valley Shire?  Select an area to find out more.
Invest in the Bega Valley 

South East New South Wales offers investors a safe haven for long term property investment. A predictable and stable regional economy, without the ups and downs of booms or busts or housing bubbles. The construction of the new South East Regional Hospital, along with investment in the area’s biggest employer, Bega Cheese, are already providing steady employment and ongoing demand for rental markets.

The Bega Valley provides attractive, affordable properties with solid returns for canny investors.

Whether it be residential, commercial or holiday, if you’re looking for solid yield we can help you plan and implement the strategy that will achieve your goals. Or if you’re thinking about that retirement sea or tree change and want to buy a property that you can rent out now but be happy to call home in a couple of years, the Bega Valley is the place to buy.

With decades of combined experience in property management, the team at Fisk and Nagle are experts in looking after your rental property and finding and dealing with tenants who will help to keep your investment working for you.