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Preparing Your House For Sale #2- the Bedroom

After the number of bedrooms, buyers are most interested in the size. Use neutral colours to make your bedrooms seem larger and reduce the amount of furniture to maximise the feeling of space. Be clever with the space you have. If you have a small bedroom use a double bed instead of a queen, or bunks in a children’s room.

You can never have enough storage in a bedroom. To reduce the demands on limited space in small bedrooms, consider having built-in robes installed, but keep the interior simple.

Buyers want a bedroom where they can escape to. You can make your bedroom a sanctuary by adding a little luxury with fresh linen, puffed up pillows and extra cushions, a comfy chair and a few special features, like candles and perfume bottles.

Bedroom lighting is really important in creating atmosphere. To give a romantic feel, consider adding dimmer switches and bedside lamps. If you are having evening viewings, quality lighting is crucial.

However large your bedrooms are, they will look small if they are cluttered with personal items. When it comes time to sell make sure you clear away the clutter. That doesn’t mean your rooms need to look totally impersonal, simple displays, flowers or candles can make the room feel like home for potential buyers.