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Kitchen The Most Important Room For Property Inspections

The most important room for buyers when inspecting a property is the kitchen, according to a survey by mortgage broker Loan Market. Interestingly (but not surprising) it was found that women chose the kitchen as the most important, whereas men preferred the living room (59% females/37% males for the kitchen). Only 24% of women as against 56% of men named the living room as the most important room in the house when inspecting a property for sale.

This provides some telling insights for those selling their properties in today’s market. It is generally agreed that women have the final say in a property sale when it’s the family home, so if the kitchen has the most appeal to women, property owners need to focus on the presentation of that room. According to Loan Market corporate spokesperson Paul Smith many buyers would not necessarily be assessing a property on its existing fixtures and features but on its scope for renovations and improvements. As reported by Real Estate Business, he said “Often when a buyer shows interest in a property it’s because of the potential they see. Today’s buyers have become astute at assessing how much effort and additional money may be required to get the property to that point.”

Therefore, when presenting your property it is essential to highlight space.  Potential buyers for properties in Bega, Merimbula, Tura Beach, Eden or Cooma whilst inspecting a property will consider placement of their furniture, available space and general scope for improvements as well as storage space. Inside the home de-clutter and even consider moving out some pieces of furniture if the interior looks over crowded. Outside mow lawns, weed the garden, remove unwanted items cluttering the space. Keep the whole of the property looking clean, neat and spacious.

First impressions are important, particularly if potential buyers are looking at several properties at once.  They will quickly dismiss a property if it does not present well and you may miss the sale if you have not prepared your home well for inspections.

Our next blog will focus on easy ways to de clutter your home when preparing it for sale.