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Fisk & Nagle Real Estate Tips- Don’t forget About the Garden!

When you’re preparing your house for sale, the garden can often be forgotten. Furniture is replaced, junk is sorted and disposed of, the paint is renewed, but outside may only get a basic touch-up. A minor garden makeover can ensure your property stands out, and can also generate extra dollars.

All it takes is filling plant gaps, washing the windows, removing cobwebs, laying new gravel and re-seeding brown patches on the lawn. First impressions are lasting, and gardens can sometimes be just as important as the architecture of the house. A property has to stand out on the internet, or when buyers are doing drive-bys.

So start replacing dead plants with new ones, move the old plants around, remove leaves, trim those hedges and add annuals in pots. That’s if your garden is well-established. If not, have a look at http://www.realestate.com.au/home-ideas/ for some ideas on how to spruce up your garden.

More handy tips:
• Focus on the front of the property.
• Make sure the front door is visible.
• Delineate it with standards or strappy, architectural plants, coloured pots or an obvious path.
• Get rid of clutter.
• Make spaces functional.
• External paving must be flat.
• Open up pathways to link spaces and make them obvious.
• Don’t over-prune or plants will look too woody.
• Soft new growth looks fresh and bright green.
A typical garden makeover includes:
• Pruning
• Clipping hedges
• Weeding
• Fixing loose pavers
• Pressure washing paving
• Renewing turf/adding instant lawn
• Adding colour pots
• Mulching
• Cleaning windows