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Fisk & Nagle Real Estate News- Real Estate Needs to Go Green

With the impending carbon tax, people are trying to “go green” in an effort to save cash and conserve the environment. But there is still a general lack of understanding when it comes to sustainability. Within the real estate industry there is a lack of awareness about energy and water efficiency techniques, and the benefits these can offer home owners (both owner-occupier and tenants).

Generally, 10 percent (if not more) of household energy bills can be reduced by simple actions like avoiding standby power, awitching lights off and installing draght excluders under doors to keep roomers at a higher temperature. This can save home owners hundreds of dollars per year.

Solar PV power generation in residential buildings is another way that can help home owners future-proof their homes from rising electricity costs. These costs have risen by 47.5 per cent since April 2009 and are expected to increase by another 38 per cent in the coming years.

Rising energy costs are contributing to the cost of living, and are adding to the affordability crisis on the Far South Coast, and the rest of Australia. It would be ideal if real estate professionals could provide home buyers and tenants with information on simple and effective ways of ‘going green’. I believe that as industry professionals, we have a certain responsibility to promote and assist environmental sustainability around the home.