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Fisk & Nagle Real Estate News- Hydronic Heating

Whether you live in Cooma, Merimbula or Eden, to make the inside of a home constant and comfortable, in spite of the weather conditions, it can use a lot of energy. One of the most energy consuming aspects in any home is in heating and cooling. Australian homes consume, on average, 63 percent of their overall energy use on space heating and cooling, and heating domestic hot water. In today’s market, there are many heating systems available, some being more energy efficient than others. There is one that is growing in popularity in Australia- hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating involves heating water and then circulating it to every room that required heating. The heat is circulated through pipes set under the floor’s surface or through a series of radiators. In-slab hydronic heating is popular because of the penetrating and gentle warmth it offers. Discrete radiator units can be fitted to homes where under floor access is not feasible.

Dust and allergens are a big drawback with ducted heating systems, most radiators work on natural radiant heat where there is no forced air circulation. Meaning no dust and no allergies. All radiator panels are safe to touch with mild temperatures of water regulating at 65 Degrees Celsius. They are safe for children, the elderly and household pets. One characteristic of hydronic heating that is a clear advantage over many other forms of heating is the fact that it is silent. No noisy space heaters or wall heaters with the constant blowing of air, the radiant warmth heats your home in peace and quiet. It is effortless and reliable; simply set the thermostat upon installation and forget about it. Maintenance is seldom required; the only working parts are the hot water boiler and the pump kit.