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Fisk and Nagle Real Estate Tips- Kitchen: Most Popular Room in the House?

Over the years, the Australian kitchen has transformed into the core of the house for snacking, eating, gathering, and talking. The small, basic kitchens have been replaced with larger ones with many amenities like islands, multiple sinks, fancy lighting, large fridges and wonderful appliances. What’s desirable? A warm, sociable kitchen.

Before electricity, family kitchens where large but simple. They featured a heat source for cooking and a built in sink without running water. It was where family members performed chores and socialised with each other.

Then, timesaving devices where introduced and fewer people were needed to prepare a meal. There was a loss in social importance of the kitchen. In many cases, the other rooms of the house had become popular, often because the kitchen was too small.

Builders have now changed their plans, as they have realised the importance of the kitchen. Plans have incorporated kitchens as a social room again. Consider how many times you enter your kitchen today. For most families, the kitchen serves as a central hub of the home. Everyone seems to gather around the kitchen!