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Fisk and Nagle Home Tips- Keeping Your Home Tidy

If you are planning on selling you home in Eden, Bega or Cooma, it must be tidy. These tips will help you stay rganised for those unexpected buyer inspections.

Regularly Throw Out Junk- Instead of doing one major junk haul, do it monthly (or even weekly).
Use Your Time Effectively- Learn how to multi-task. You can sort through junk draws while waiting for your dinner to cook.
Make Storage- It isn’t hard to make magazine holders, or to create a recycling area. Little storage areas will help you organize items that go together, and stop the clutter.
Clothes- There are many pre-loved clothing stores on the Far South Coast that would love to take those unworn clothing items out of your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6-8 months, give it away!
Kitchen- Sort and clean out your cupboards and draws. Put all your things in one large box, and every time you use something, put it away. After a few weeks, the leftover items can be given away.